GIMS is geared towards providing reliable, quality, fast turnaround repair to all our prestigious customers. We always strive for continuous improvement on our servicing & maintenance quality based on lower repair cost & fast turnaround time.
Our mission influences the everyday activities of all GIMS employees & serves as a centerpiece of our business & total quality process. It helps to shape a stronger company for the future.
Our mission includes the following :
Taking a long – term strategy to compete globally and operate profitably.
Empowering people closest to the problem to improve our services.
Communicating crucial information promptly, accurately and effectively.
Listening to our customers, consider their needs, and strive to exceed their expectation.
Nurturing cooperation and respect among our customers, suppliers and employees.
Promoting innovation in our technology and business practices.
Helping to advance in our technology and business practices.
Helping to advance people who help us to achieve the goals of our Company.
Today, we are successful in achieving our mission and constantly striving for better quality and service to all our customers.
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