Our teams are well experienced and trained to troubleshoot & repair all types of electronic instruments ranging from
Component level maintenance up to 9 layers of cards.
Indigenization / reverse engineering of all types of cards.
Plcs or distributed control systems – all imported, local, custom made etc.
All types of DAS, data loggers, testing & measuring instruments, analytical equipment, process & custom made controller cards, drives – AC drives, dc drives, servo drives (AC& DC)
Our repair centers are equipped with a team of well-qualified, dedicated technical professionals who can prove to be a valuable asset in providing a host of solutions for your repairing needs.
Repairs and Trading
CNC & NC m/cs-lathe, centering punch press, shearing, grinding, bending, powder coating, pressure die casting, injection moulding coil winding & customized etc. programmable logic controller, das, power supplies, DAC/ADC cards, logic cards, i/o cards, cpu, relay cards, power modules, DC/AC drives for motors, invertors, converters etc.
Data acquisition systems (DAS), data loggers, logic analyzers, ic testers, eprom eraser, programmer etc.
Temperature indicator cum controller- digital, analog, blind, µp based, scanner, pids, calibrators, annunciators, recorders, electronic thermometer, anemometer, arometers, calorimeters etc.
Pressure, flow, ph, conductivity, resistivity, luX meters, air purifiers & ionizer, fume extraction systems, leak & emission detectors etc.
Digital timers, presettable counters/controllers, timers cum controllers, recorders turnstiles, security systems, frequency counters, pattern generators etc.
Breakdown testers, power packs, million megohm meters insulation tester, bridge, toll/tand, bridge meggars, cable fault detectors, frequency, rpm meter/controller, tacho meters, metal detectors-tramp, super & ultra search, bottle label, etc.
DMMS, tong testers, power supplies (series pass , shunt, modular cVcc), dc-dc converters VtVms, function Generators, cros (portable, multi-channel, digital, storage), probes, attenuators, dpms (ac, dc, V, i, w, r, rpm), shunts etc.
power factor indicator cum controllers, wattmeter, power analyzer (single phase & three phase), single phase preventor, phase failure relay (voltage & current sensing).
Electronic weighing balances (portable & heavy duty).
Semiconductors testing/measuring instruments, handlers etc. tesec, teradyne, esec, tosoK, disco, Karl suss, tomco, tektronix, orthodyne, amada, mitshubishi, ikegai, ramm Karl heinz, sames etc.
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